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Oil Change Stickers & Labels for Auto Dealers

 Get your custom oil change stickers, printer system and static cling labels through Dodson Group. An oil change sticker is emblazoned with your dealership logo and details about scheduling subsequent service. Other recommended services and messages can be custom-printed for your needs. Placed in the upper corner of the windshield, the oil change sticker provides your customers with a constant reminder to properly maintain their vehicle investment. Your dealership is never too far from the customer’s mind.

 Products Available

 Dodson Group features a wide array of vehicle service and oil change sticker products available. You can order the stickers by the roll in multiple colors and opt for white or clear stickers for better visibility. Our offerings include:

  •  Custom Write-On Reminder Stickers
  • Parts on Order Labels
  • Tire Rotation Service Reminder
  • First Service Due Scheduling
  • Safety or Smog Inspection Indicators

 If you’d like to print and customize labels at your dealership, consider our static cling printing system. You can produce your own service reminder stickers with this solution, which includes the unit, keyboard and printing ribbon. It also features 18 pre-installed programs for such services as oil changes, tire rotations, tune ups and more. The printer can also be programmed with your dealership name, contact information and logo, as a turn-key system that’s ready to go.

 For dealerships, service reminder and oil change stickers are a way to incentivize return visits. These labels boost revenue in the service department, especially when implemented in connection with a dealer rewards program.

 As always, the live sales staff at Dodson Group is standing by to take your call. You’ll reach one of our knowledgeable specialists, not an automated message system. Add value and boost conversion rates in your service center by using oil change stickers and service reminder labels after every customer’s visit.

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Oil Change Stickers

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