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Fluid RX

Fluid RX Diagnostics

No additional marketing - No additional customers - No additional labor to
unlock new revenue

Over 70% of vehicles on average leave your shop, after the full multi-point inspection, with at least 1 fluid that requires changing. The only way to detect the fluids that need changing is to test the fluid with a scientific lab.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics delivers the scientific lab in the palm of your hand, that unlocks your $200,000 in lost revenue from each location per year. Increase profit, customer retention, and improve the vehicles you buy back.
Fluid Diagnostics
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New car sales may be the face of all dealerships, but Fixed Ops generates approximately 60% of all profits. One of the most important tools or process within this department is your Multi Point Inspection (MPI). It is your key to identifying and maximizing additional service opportunities.

Surprisingly, the most neglected MPI category is vital fluids maintenance; including transmission, power steering and brake fluids as well as gear oils. It is also one of the highest-margin categories, on average $108 per service.

Why Fluid Testing is Necessary

Today’s vital fluids are subjected to increases in heat torque that shorten their lifecycle. If the goal is to service fluids before becoming depleted, then fluid diagnostics is the best strategy to identify when fluid services are recommended and preformed.

When you provide your technicians and service advisors with the tools and means to communicate clearly with integrity, you empower your customers to base their preventative maintenance decisions on credible information and visual aids that speak to the problem as well as the solution.

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Offer a complementary fluid analysis as part of your MPI.


Ask customers for permission to perform the tests, and give them a brochure or explain the technology being used and the benefits of proper fluid preventative maintenance.


Perform the fluid test ASAP in accordance with fluid sampling guidelines, and document the results.


Walk through the OEM’s fluid service recommendations and then share the results of each fluid test with your customer. Point out which fluids are “GOOD” as well as those that require service.


Explain to your customer that changing fluids before they become depleted can reduce fuel consumption, optimize performance and reliability, and extend the vehicle’s service life.


Offer to perform all required or suggested fluid services, and give your customer the cost and a time estimate for completing them.


After servicing a fluid, perform a post-fluid test to ensure the service was successfully completed. The fluid must test “GOOD,” or the service must be repeated.

Improving Your Bottom Line

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If you can drop fluid on a Fluid Rx Diagnostics card,
you can unlock your profits.

If your MPI does not include fluid diagnostics, then your techs and service advisors are missing the opportunity to get your customers to say, “Yes” to needed fluid services.

Fluid RX Diagnostics

No additional marketing - No additional customers - No additional labor to
unlock new revenue