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Dodson Group Provides Bulk Quantities of Coloring Books and Crayons for Your Customers with Children!

 Establish yourself as a family-friendly environment by providing coloring books and crayons for customers with young children. As parents peruse merchandise and complete transactions, it’s easy for them to become distracted or to fall into a bad mood if their children are complaining or vying for their attention. Some dealerships even lose customers if children begin throwing tantrums, because parents are forced to turn their attention to resolving the problem and to leave without purchasing a vehicle. By providing coloring books and crayons for children to play with, your professionals will be able to sell cars uninterrupted and will likely deal with fewer frustrated clients, providing a better experience for everyone. If you have many customers with children, consider investing in our collection of coloring books and crayons to give them a more positive working experience—your sales will see the difference!

 Though often looked over, providing cost-effective entertainment for the children of auto dealership clients can streamline the sales process and give your dealership more success. Our coloring books are perfect for service and sales departments, coming in packs of 50 with car and driving-related themes. Order today to give your clients a family-friendly experience, and enjoy the benefits of a more patient and happy clientele! 

Coloring Books & Crayons

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