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Dodson Group Keeps You Organized with Color Coded Filing!

Dodson Group provides color coded filing systems to help you stay organized and professional in your business records management, allowing you and your staff to focus on increasing sales and profits.  Auto dealerships work with paperwork and forms all day, every day. With so much going on, especially in companies with little office space or larger inventories, it’s easy to become disorganized or overwhelmed but our high density filing systems that rely on color coded labels, keep your business records filing system running smooth. 

Our easy-to-use filing products include color coded labels, conveniently pre-labeled with letters, numbers, months, years, or auto makes, depending on your desired organizational system. With our color-coded labels, it’s easy to create a standardized filing system for your company, ensuring that no important documents are lost and that all paperwork is easily found when needed. This can majorly benefit your company, protecting you from situations where you need to provide records of a transaction and allowing you to spend more time focusing on other aspects of the business.

We also carry color coded file folders and deal jackets, for easy, visual sorting and organization. Our color coded products are specially designed for auto dealerships. Don’t let your business suffer with a sub-par organizational system—use our color coded filing systems and color coded label products to easily sort important documents, freeing up time and energy for increasing sales and customer service!



Color Coded Filing

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