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Dodson Group Provides Car Topper Hats to Help You Communicate Information and Create a Friendly Environment Simultaneously!

 Dodson Group’s car topper hats are a great way to label and communicate vital information about your inventory while maintaining a professional and friendly environment. While many of our car topper hats come standard with common information, like customer wait times and vehicle condition, we also offer dry erase options for customizable messages. For those who prefer not to cap their cars with car top hats, we also offer plastic mirror hangers with similar options and car top message signs, including:

  • Customer Wait                                                                       
  • Danger High Voltage
  • Do Not Start
  • Quick Service
  • Sold
  • Test Drive
  • VIP
  • Waiting Parts
  • Warranty
  • Work Completed
  • And more!

 These messages and the others available are all widely used at auto dealerships, so our car topper hats are a useful way to communicate them efficiently. Our car topper hats are an easy way for customers and employees alike to quickly understand important factors about a car, like if one is currently waiting for parts. In addition to their easy-to-read nature and bright, attention-drawing colors, our car topper hats are firmly securable with three shielded magnets, giving you lasting and sturdy service. Browse our selection of car topper hats and other signs below, and order your topper today!



Car Topper Hats

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