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Dodson Group Supplies Your Dealership with Adhesive Floor Mats & Dispensing Stands!

 Adhesive floor mats keep your inventory looking pristine, no matter how many test drives your clients request. Allow your clients to sit in your for-sale vehicles to feel the comfort and luxury of your stock, without worrying about the wear and tracked-dirt on the carpeting. Our adhesive floor mats protect the floors, so that purchasing customers can enjoy the feeling of a clean and fresh car as they drive away. They last when you need them and come off easily when you're through! We offer rolls of easy-to-use floor mats, so you can always have a ready stock on hand for new inventory. We also sell dispensing stands, for easy and organized distribution.

 With our adhesive floor mats and dispensing stands, your company can enjoy an easy and professional-looking mat replacement process—simply pull out a new mat and place it in the desired vehicle. Your clients will appreciate the care taken to preserve the vehicles, and you will save money on cleaning out your vehicles!

Dodson Group offers competitive prices and fast delivery, so you can rely on us for a continual, convenient supply of mats. Order now to start using affordable adhesive floor mats right away!


Adhesive Floor Mats

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