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Dodson Group Provides Dispensing Stands for Easy Organization and Access of All Your Interior Protection Products!

 When your auto dealership has a lot of moving inventory, it can be difficult and inconvenient to run back to a spare room to collect replacement floor mats and other interior protection products for new merchandise. Solve the problem permanently with one of Dodson Group’s dispensing stands. Our stands work against a wall or on a table to provide interior protection products conveniently. Employees can access what they need without bending, walking to the back room, etc. They will love the ease of use and the convenient height. Additionally, our stands are designed for easy mat separation and include smaller options for distribution throughout a larger dealership, making them ideal for any business.

 You can make replacing your floor mats and other protection products a non-issue with our convenient dispensing stands. The stands keep your products neat and organized, maintaining a professional and clean appearance in your business, while making the retrieval of supplies painless and easy.  Please view the options we provide below, and order today for fast shipping on a quality product that will ease the every-day responsibilities of your auto dealership!


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