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If you’re using gifts or premiums as incentives to drive more traffic into your business, here’s a better idea!

Give your customers what they want most!  

A Better Offer -

If you’re using gifts or premiums as incentives, here’s a better idea. Your customers still get brand name gifts, but a Gift Card Pack...

  • Has a higher perceived value
  • Gives customers more gift choices
  • Offers brand name selections
  • Lowers your costs
  • Makes the process easier for you
  • Low cost to marketer
  • High value to the consumer


Case study results show that gift cards are far more effective at bringing in prospective customers than marketing merchandise incentives of similar costs. The results are more customers and a lower cost per customer acquisition. 


Gift cards now represent 30% of the incentive market. Gift cards have become the preferred award choice over all merchandise or service incentives. Our Gift Card Program allows marketers to give more to their customers without having to pay full price.


No hoops for customers to jump through! Customers use their gift cards to shop for merchandise that is price low enough for them to use their gift card credit to purchase products - as well as cover shipping charges ( UPS shipping rates), so there is no customer cost to redeem. There is also merchandise available at prices higher than gift card values, and customers may choose to use their credits towards the purchase of more expensive products. Customers are able to select from 1000's of products in over 50 categories at the different store fronts.

Your customers will receive gift cards to shop at an exclusive collection of 9 unique retailers offering a broad range of distinctive products.
Marketing partners receive a discount of up to 90% off the face value of these gift card incentive packages
while consumers receive fantastic savings.

Gift cards are good for over 8,000 products and 600 brands like:

Gift Cards for Major Brands

$100 Gift Card Bundle Pack (4 Gift Cards) $250 Gift Card Bundle Pack (8 Gift Cards):

Gift Card Bundle Packs

Single $25 or $50 Gift Card to Store of Your Choice:

Single Gift Cards